Perfect Pyjamas

Ever spent time searching for perfect pyjamas? Not too hot, not too cool, not too tight, you know what I mean. Recently I purchased beautiful soft floral pyjama pants using a gift card from my daughter. I was in a leading department store looking at pyjamas that I thought were way too expensive! But they were soft, so soft and a beautiful print and great style. Do you ever find your pyjama pants rising up your leg and bunching, leaving your ankles cold? Well I have and see the cuff on these? My pair have lace and buttons on this wide cuff so they are so pretty and stay full length to keep me comfortable and warm. I am even going to buy a second pair and am prepared to pay full price as they are soooo good. So quality has won out and my cheap, really cheap old pyjama pants are going in the bin and here’s to a good night’s sleep!

Please share about your perfect night wear and what style you like.
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